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Greater Sydney map highlighting the Western City DistrictThe Greater Sydney Commission acknowledges the traditional owners of the lands that include Western City District and the living culture of the traditional custodians of these lands. The Commission recognises that the traditional owners have occupied and cared for this Country over countless generations, and celebrates their continuing contribution to the life of Greater Sydney.

Western City District

Blue  Mountains








Chief Commissioner
Lucy Hughes Turnbull AO

I am delighted to present the Western City District Plan, which sets out planning priorities and actions for improving the quality of life for residents as the district grows and changes.

The Plan recognises what the Greater Sydney Commission has heard - particularly that the District's natural landscape is a great asset and attractor, sustaining and supporting a unique, parkland city.

This Plan complements those natural assets, and it puts people first. It leverages the transformative, economic improvements from the Western Sydney Airport and considers the transport, infrastructure, services, affordable housing and open spaces that will be required as the population grows and the demographics change. Also, it considers community and cultural life and the environmental sustainability of the landscape. 

Collaboration is the key to transparent and informed decision-making on ourcity's future growth. The Greater Sydney Commission will continue to bring together all parties with an interest in the District's future and channel the collective energy into improved planning outcomes.

By taking a leadership role, we are bringing together public resources and expertise to create a more liveable, productive and sustainable city.

Finally, on behalf of the Greater Sydney Commission, I acknowledge the important work of councils whose submissions and feedback on the needs of their neighbourhoods and centres have been invaluable. Together with the community and other stakeholders, your expertise and interest have helped to produce an inspiring and practical plan.

Interim Western City District Commissioner
Geoff Roberts

The Western City District is Greater Sydney's parkland city, a place surrounded by World Heritage Listed landscapes, with a sprinkling of towns and centres that combine village charm and heritage character.

This iconic landscape is more than a backdrop - it is the District's underlying asset. People travel from around the world to experience the mountains, escarpments, rural hinterland and rivers. The landscape is the foundation for how we plan for the District - it resonates in our places and informs the District's design and structure.

The development of Australia's first 21st century international airport will drive population growth, improve transport links and create new jobs and economic opportunities. This is a unique chance to grow new markets in international and domestic tourism, advanced logistics, aerospace industries freight, transport, health, education and the knowledge economy. The Western Sydney City Deal between the Australian, the NSW Governments and local governments will drive this growth.

With such change, the Western City District Plan works to protect and enhance the character of our places and make it easier for residents to access services and facilities. With more jobs, more residents will be working locally and experiencing shorter commutes. To support this, we will work towards a greater diversity of homes so that people can afford to live here and can choose a home that better suits their lifestyle.

This Plan is part of a continuing conversation about how we can come together to create the District we aspire to. I'm eager for as many people as possible to get involved as we implement the Plan. It's an important step in helping to shape the decisions that will drive the District's future.