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Six cities region explained

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We are now the Greater Cities Commission and will bring together the cities of the Lower Hunter and Greater Newcastle, Central Coast, Greater Sydney and Illawarra-Shoalhaven to create a globally competitive six cities region.

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What does the Six Cities Region mean?

The Six Cities vision is to accelerate the economic growth of the region, as well as New South Wales. The shift will create a globally competitive city region that has the scale to provide better jobs, housing, education, health and lifestyle opportunities for everyone.

This will mean more people in the six cities working within 30 minutes of where they live, increased access to homes that families can afford, more equal access to higher education and training opportunities.

The move will deliver economic and lifestyle benefits to millions of people, supporting growth with fit-for-life infrastructure and allowing more people to enjoy our enviable waterways and natural environment.

The Six Cities Region comprises the Lower Hunter and Greater Newcastle City, Central Coast City, Illawarra-Shoalhaven City, Western Parkland City, Central River City and Eastern Harbour City.

Learn more about the Six Cities Region boundaries.

Map of the six cities in the Six Cities Region

Map of the Six Cities Region -
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Chief Commissioner Geoff Roberts AM shares more about the Six Cities Region and how the Commission will unlock each city's potential.

Geoff speaks about:  

  • 0:15 – Jobs and the creation of the 30-minute city  
  • 0:26 – Housing affordability  
  • 0:48 – Lifestyle and natural beauty 
  • 1:22 – Distinctive regions within the six cities region

How will the communities' needs be addressed in the Six Cities Region?

Social Commissioner Natalie Walker speaks about the Commission's focus on the needs of everyone who lives in the Six Cities Region, including creating equitable and fair communities.

  • 0:03 – Recognising First Nations peoples perspective
  • 0:54 – Access to housing and social infrastructure
  • 1:38 – Making communities equitable and fair

What are the economic opportunities for the Six Cities Region?

Economic Commissioner John Lydon speaks about the enormous economic potential of the Six Cities Region and how creating future-focused jobs is a priority.

  • 0:03 – Economic advantages and opportunities
  • 0:41 – Competing globally 
  • 1:06 – Key economic focus areas

What are the environmental advantages of being the Six Cities Region?

Environment Commissioner Meg McDonald shares her thoughts about how the Six Cities Region will work together to address future environmental opportunities.

  • 0:03 – Opportunity to address major environmental challenges
  • 0:58 – Renewable energy production
  • 1:26 – Accelerate the race to net-zero emissions