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The Greater Sydney District Plans 2018 are being implemented by councils across Greater Sydney through a Local Environmental Plan (LEP) update process. The making of Local Strategic Planning Statements (LSPS) by councils in Greater Sydney (Western Parkland City, Central River City and Eastern Harbour City) marked a milestone in the delivery of planning reforms that place greater emphasis on upfront strategic planning.

A Local Strategic Planning Statement (LSPS) sets out the 20-year vision for a local government area, demonstrates how change will be managed and identifies local priorities for updating council Local Environmental Plans (LEP).

During 2019 and 2020, the Commission worked intensively with Greater Sydney councils to support them in reviewing their LEP and developing their first LSPSs. The Commission also brought together council and key Government agencies, whose collaboration in the process was important.

The Commission completed its assurance of the 33 Greater Sydney council LSPSs in 2020. The LSPS and Commission's Letters of Support are available via the Commission's local planning assurance tracker. LSPSs are also published on the DPE Planning Portal.

The LSPS Tracker below contains links to documents.

Contact your local council for more information. For general information about the Assurance Program, please contact info@gcc.nsw.gov.au 

More information is also available via: 
Information note on the role of a LSPS (PDF, 243.04 KB) 
Frequently Asked Questions on the Letter of Support (PDF, 168.26 KB)


 Phase 3: Final LSPS assurancePhase 2: Draft LSPS (current phase)Phase 1: LEP Review
 CouncilLSPS made***Status of Letter of SupportDate endorsed by Council for assuranceDraft LSPS on ExhibitionDates for making a submissionLEP Review
Western City DistrictBlue MountainsMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 432.79 KB)20.02.20View on council website30.09.19 - 15.11.19View LEP review
 CamdenMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 388.49 KB)10.12.19View on council website23.07.19 - 27.08.19View LEP review
 CampbelltownMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 389.86 KB)18.02.20View on council website12.06.17 - 22.07.19View LEP review
 FairfieldMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 371.42 KB)10.12.19View on council website26.06.19 - 23.08.19View LEP review
 HawkesburyMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 359.45 KB)25.02.20View on council website01.10.19 - 13.11.10View LEP review
 LiverpoolMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 407 KB)11.12.19View on council website28.06.19 - 09.08.19View LEP review (PDF, 1.85 MB)
 PenrithMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 388.35 KB)24.02.20View on council website30.09.19 - 11.11.19View LEP review
 WollondillyMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 400.23 KB)11.02.20View on council website01.10.19 - 01.11.19Contact Council
Central City DistrictBlacktownMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 266.97 KB)11.12.19View on council website16.09.19 - 11.10.19Contact Council
 CumberlandMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 256.32 KB)20.11.19View on council website01.07.19 - 30.08.19View LEP review (PDF, 1.42 MB)
 ParramattaMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 413.69 KB)PendingView on council website30.09.19 - 28.10.19View LEP review
 The HillsMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 244.92 KB)22.10.19View on council website01.07.19 - 09.08.19Contact Council
Eastern City DistrictBaysideMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 435.12 KB)11.12.19View on council website29.08.19 - 27.09.19Contact Council
 BurwoodMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 393.92 KB)11.02.20View on council website06.08.18 - 16.09.19View LEP review
 City of Canada BayMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 451.92 KB)15.10.19View on council website25.06.19 - 22.07.19Contact Council
 City of SydneyMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 394.04 KB)17.02.20View on council website30.08.19 - 11.10.19Contact Council
 Inner WestMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 362.91 KB)25.02.20View on council website23.09.19 - 27.10.19View LEP review (PDF, 15.4 MB)
 RandwickMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 430.35 KB)25.02.20View on council website01.10.19 - 29.10.19Contact Council
 StrathfieldMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 407.75 KB)PendingView on council website01.10.19 - 08.11.19Contact Council
 WaverleyMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 360.92 KB)04.02.20View on council website28.06.19 - 02.08.19View LEP review
 WoollahraMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 374.95 KB)24.02.20View on council website25.09.19 - 08.11.19View LEP review
North DistrictCity of RydeMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 392.89 KB)12.12.19View on council website01.07.19 - 12.08.19Contact Council
 HornsbyMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 386.66 KB)12.02.20View on council website19.08.19 - 16.10.19View LEP review
 Hunters HillMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 385.62 KB)24.02.20View on council website19.09.19 - 25.10.19Contact Council
 Ku-ring-gaiMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 264.44 KB)19.11.19View on council website01.07.19 - 12.08.19View LEP review
 Lane CoveMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 439.71 KB)03.02.20View on council website05.09.19 - 17.10.19Contact Council
 MosmanMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 239.02 KB)03.12.19View on council website27.06.19 - 07.08.19Contact Council
 North SydneyMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 415.62 KB)25.11.19View on council website04.07.19 - 15.08.19View LEP review
 Northern BeachesMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 382.24 KB)25.02.20View on council website27.09.19 - 10.11.19View LEP review
 WilloughbyMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 416.18 KB)10..02.20View on council website15.08.19 - 27.09.19View LEP review
South DistrictCanterbury-BankstownMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 397.26 KB)10.12.19View on council website25.09.19 - 15.11.19View LEP review
 Georges RiverMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 397.26 KB)28.10.19View on council website26.06.19 - 07.08.19View LEP review
 SutherlandMadeLetter issued to Council (PDF, 164.59 KB)24.08.20View on council website11.09.19 - 25.10.19View LEP review

The tracker reflects information made available by councils.  The Commission assumes no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions. Please contact the relevant council directly to confirm information.


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