Eastern City District Plan

Residents in the Eastern City District will have quicker and easier access to a wider range of jobs, housing types and activities.

A view of the Sydney CBD from the harbour.


The Eastern City District Plan is a 20-year plan to manage growth in the context of economic, social and environmental matters to achieve the 40-year vision for Greater Sydney. It is a guide for implementing the Greater Sydney Region Plan, A Metropolis of Three Cities, at a district level and is a bridge between regional and local planning.

The vision for the Eastern City District Plan is to transform the district over the next 20 to 40 years to see it become more innovative and globally competitive, carving out a greater portion of knowledge-intensive jobs from the Asia Pacific Region. At the same time, the plan will improve the District’s lifestyle and environmental assets.

This will be achieved by:

  • Strengthening the international competitiveness of the Harbour CBD, supported by the Innovation Corridor, health and education precincts and the District's strategic centres
  • Boosting innovation and creative industries alongside knowledge-intensive jobs growth
  • Stimulating the night-time economy within a responsive regulatory environment
  • Protecting international trade and freight routes
  • Retaining industrial and urban services land
  • Nurturing quality lifestyles through well-designed housing in neighbourhoods close to transport and other infrastructure
  • Sustaining communities through vibrant public places, walking and cycling, and cultural, artistic and tourism assets
  • Aligning growth with infrastructure, including transport, social and green infrastructure, and delivering sustainable, smart and adaptable solutions
  • Being innovative in providing recreational and open space areas, and increasing urban tree canopy
  • Transitioning to a low-carbon, high-efficiency District through precinct-scale initiatives
  • Building effective responses to climate change and natural and urban hazards.

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