Central City District Plan

Residents in the Central City District will have quicker and easier access to a wider range of jobs, housing types and activities.

Aerial view of Parramatta.


The Central City District Plan is a 20-year plan to manage growth in the context of economic, social and environmental matters to achieve the 40-year vision for Greater Sydney. It is a guide for implementing the Greater Sydney Region Plan, A Metropolis of Three Cities, at a district level and is a bridge between regional and local planning.

The vision for the Central City District is for residents to have quicker and easier access to a wider range of jobs, housing types and activities as part of the transformation of their District. The vision will improve the District's lifestyle and environmental assets.

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing the economy with jobs and skills growth from unprecedented city-scale infrastructure investments
  • Supporting cohesive and socially dynamic communities with new social infrastructure like schools and community services, new cultural and sporting facilities
  • Establishing transport connections north, south, east and west from Parramatta to optimise Greater Parramatta's location in the centre of Greater Sydney
  • Transforming Westmead health and education precinct to an innovation district with greater diversity of knowledge-intensive jobs
  • Retaining industrial and urban services land and creating new skills with a 21st century clean-tech and advanced manufacturing cluster around precincts such as Camellia, Rydalmere, Silverwater and Auburn
  • Linking parks, bushland, playgrounds and waterways through the Greater Sydney Green Grid with enhanced opportunities for safe walking and cycling paths
  • Enhancing the quality of, and access to, waterways such as Parramatta River, Duck River and South Creek.

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Children play in water jets in Parramatta.