The Six Cities Region vision

Delivering global competitiveness and local liveability

To meet the needs of a growing population, we need to build the right economic, social and environmental framework to maximise opportunities that will improve people’s quality of life.



Young woman reading a book by the water

First Nations voice

The wisdom and aspirations of First Nations peoples are recognised and embedded in planning for our future, and we care for Country.
A man and woman walking in the street of Newcastle city

A connected region

People are digitally and physically connected within and between the six cities: to each other, to infrastructure, to Country, to the world.
Family enjoying time together in their front yard


Everyone has access to a home that is connected, resilient, affordable, and which meets their needs.
Two women walking and cycling in the city

Inclusive places

People live in inclusive and vibrant communities that connect them to quality housing, services, jobs and amenities.
Two UTS students working

Jobs and economies

Our economy is strong and resilient and people have access to innovation districts, skilled, secure jobs and local education and development opportunities.
Woman charging her electric car

Green cities

Sustainable and climate-proofed cities, transport, homes and businesses run on clean, renewable energy as we transition to a net zero economy.

Next Steps

Person filling up a content matrix at its desk

Getting it done

Strategic planning across the region will improve people’s quality of life. Delivery will be structured, governed and monitored to achieve the agreed priorities.