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Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

The team will drive one of the key pillars of the GSC's work, city-shaping thought leadership; taking ideas and research that drives our second key pillar, leading strategic planning for Greater Sydney.

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A resilient cityResilience

Thought Leadership Paper: City Shaping Icons of Greater Sydney

The forces that shape our city are not always immediately obvious. In the past 120 years, Greater Sydney has been shaped by world and regional wars, economic depression and recessions, drought, bushfires and flooding, the rise of social and economic inequities, crises of identity, growing pains, and many more pressures that a global city faces as it grows and develops. Not once, but many times. The past two years have delivered a 'triple whammy' of drought, bushfires and COVID-19 and their impacts are not yet behind us.

The City Shaping Icons of Greater Sydney paper looks at 11 projects from over the past 100 years that have emerged during wars, economic crashes, environmental challenges and societal change. Each have had a lasting city-shaping impact on Greater Sydney.

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Thought Leadership Paper: A Metropolis that Works

Great cities are more than their residential neighbourhoods. In a fast-growing, physically constrained city, competing pressures on the use of land are understandably intense. Over the past 20 years, how our city works has changed. How the city functions, and the spaces and places where Sydneysiders work, have transformed dramatically.

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