Episode 1: Connecting Cities

Episode summary

Greater Cities is a podcast series about the future of cities. Each episode will challenge listeners to look at the big issues facing our cities, with insights from leading thinkers from Australia and around the world.

This episode explores how, where and why the multi-city region approach can create happier and healthier cities. How does connecting cities help address the challenges affecting cities today, like affordable homes?

Episode details

This episode was produced by the Greater Cities Commission, in partnership with The Business of Cities.

Podcast timeline

[0:00] Welcome and introduction.

[01:00] The ever-changing nature of cities.  

[03:34] Greater Sydney’s city planning history.

[07:30] The multi-city region is here to stay.

[14:55] Connecting multi-city regions to plan the collective future.

[18:39] The three key benefits of multi-city regions: productivity, sustainable stewardship, and soft power.

[21:36] The multi-city region opportunity in Australia.

[27:25] The changes needed to create a multi-city region in NSW.

[31:40] Bringing First Nations peoples into the planning process.

[35:11] Conclusion and preview of future episodes.

Guests in order of appearance
  • Geoff Roberts AM, former Chief Commissioner of the Greater Cites Commission (Australia) 
  • Kourtny Garrett, Former CEO of Downtown Dallas (USA) 
  • Mateu Hernández CEO of Barcelona Global (Spain) 
  • Lucy Turnbull, former Chief Commissioner of the Greater Sydney Commission and former Lord Mayor of City of Sydney (Australia) 
  • Emilie De Rosenroll, Head of the South Island Prosperity Partnership (Canada) 
  • Lex Brands, Head of Housing and Special Projects in Greater Amsterdam (The Netherlands)  
  • Dr Tim Moonen, Managing Director of The Business of Cities (England) 
  • Uma Adusumilli, former Chief Planner of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (India) 
  • Greg Clark, Chair of Connected Places, Catapult (England) 
  • Hiroo Ichikawa, CEO of the Mori Memorial Foundation (Japan) 
  • Tom Wright, CEO of the New York Regional Plan Association (USA)  
  • Lauren Sorkin, Executive Director of Global Resilience Cities Network (Singapore) 
  • Emma Frost, Director of Innovation, Sustainability, and Community in the London Legacy Development Corporation (England) 
  • Anri Håvard Hebib, Business Policy Advisor at the Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Norway) 
  • Mike Mrdak AO, current chair of NEC, former Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development & Local Government (Australia)  
  • Professor Barney Glover, Vice Chancellor of Western Sydney University (Australia) 
  • Sean Gordon, Managing Director of Gidgee Group (Australia) 
  • Natalie Walker, Social Commissioner of the Greater Cities Commission (Australia). 
About the Greater Cities Commission

The Greater Cities Commission is driving Australia’s first global city region – the Six Cities Region in New South Wales.  Our role is to coordinate and align the planning that will shape the future of our region, accelerate the delivery of key innovation districts and lead discussion on major city-shaping issues.

About The Business of Cities

The Business of Cities is an urban intelligence firm that provides insights, strategy and benchmarking to over 100 global cities, companies and institutions, including more than 10 Australian cities and state governments. Over the last 15 years it has partnered and produced collaborative thought leadership on the future of cities and metropolises for organisations including the OECD, UN Habitat, UCLG, JLL, World Bank, ULI and Brookings Institution.

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