Commission appoints new Youth Advisory Panel


The Greater Cities Commission has appointed a new Youth Advisory Panel with members aged between 18 and 29, ensuring young people have a voice, and are heard, in planning the future of the Six Cities Region.

The Panel is made up of 12 members*, with two members representing each city and three of those members continuing from our inaugural Panel. New members are appointed for two years, with continuing members appointed for one year.

Social Commissioner Natalie Walker, said "I am excited to have such a talented and passionate group of young people providing their insights to the Commission to shape how we plan the future of our cities."

"The Panel will support the Commission’s work to create Australia’s first global city region that will provide better jobs, housing, education, health and lifestyle opportunities for everyone.

"The decisions we make now will have an impact on future generations, so it’s crucial that young people are part of these important conversations," Ms Walker said.

The Panel will be chaired by continuing Panel member Matilda Harry (Western Parkland City) and incoming member Jackson Cocks (Illawarra-Shoalhaven City).

The Greater Cities Commission Youth Advisory Panel is: 

  • Grace Sheather, 18 (Central Coast City)
  • Lucy Doran, 26 (Central Coast City)
  • Muhadissa Haidari, 27 (Central River City)
  • Omar Bensaidi, 28 (Central River City)
  • Joshua Karras, 29 (Eastern Harbour City)
  • Annelise Ryan, 20 (Eastern Harbour City)
  • Jackson Cocks, 23 (Co-Chair) (Illawarra-Shoalhaven City)
  • Grace Mahon, 20 (Illawarra-Shoalhaven City)
  • Dylan Shoesmith, 22 (Lower Hunter and Greater Newcastle City)
  • Matilda Harry, 24 (Co-Chair) (Western Parkland City)
  • Janice Rodrigues, 20 (Western Parkland City) 

Find out more about the Youth Advisory Panel.

Are you 18-30 years old and would like to be engaged on issues relating to your city and the broader city region. Be part of our Six Cities Youth Network.

*The Commission is currently recruiting for the second representative from the Lower Hunter and Greater Newcastle City.