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Ten Directions for the metropolis of three cities

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  • Infrastructure
  • Liveability
  • Productivity
  • Sustainability
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A city supported by infrastructureInfrastructure
A collaborative cityCollaboration
A city for peoplePeople
Housing the cityHousing
A city of great placesPlaces
A well connected cityConnected
Jobs and skills for the cityJobs
A city in its landscapeLandscape
An efficient cityEfficiency
A resilient cityResilience

A city supported by infrastructureInfrastructure supporting new developments

Potential indicators*:Increased 30-minute access to a metropolitan centre/cluster
Objective 1:
Infrastructure supports the three cities
Objective 2:
Infrastructure aligns with forecast growth - growth infrastructure compact
Objective 3:
Infrastructure adapts to meet future needs
Objective 4:
Infrastructure use is optimised

A collaborative cityWorking together to grow a Greater Sydney

Potential indicators*:Increased use of public resources such as open space and community facilities
Objective 5:
Benefits of growth realised by collaboration of governments, community and business

A city for peopleCelebrating diversity and putting people at the heart of planning

Potential indicators*:Increased walkable access to local centres
Objective 6:
Services and infrastructure meet communities' changing needs
Objective 7:
Communities are healthy, resilient and socially connected
Objective 8:
Greater Sydney's communities are culturally rich with diverse neighbourhoods
Objective 9:
Greater Sydney celebrates the arts and supports creative industries and innovation

Housing the cityGiving people housing choices

Potential indicators*:Increased housing completions (by type)
Objective 10:
Greater housing supply
Objective 11:
Housing is more diverse and affordable

A city of great placesDesigning places for people

Potential indicators*:Increased access to open space
Objective 12:
Great places that bring people together
Objective 13:
Environmental heritage is identified, conserved and enhanced

A well-connected cityDeveloping a more accessible and walkable city

Potential indicators*:Percentage of dwellings located within 30 minutes by public transport of a metropolitan centre/cluster
Objective 14:
A Metropolis of Three Cities - integrated land use and transport creates walkable and 30-minute cities
Objective 15:
The Eastern, GPOP and Western Economic Corridors are better connected and more competitive
Objective 16:
Freight and logistics network is competitive and efficient
Objective 17:
Regional connectivity is enhanced

Jobs and skills for the cityCreating the conditions for a stronger economy

Potential indicators*:Increased jobs in metropolitan and strategic centres
Objective 18:
Harbour CBD is stronger and more competitive
Objective 19:
Greater Parramatta is stronger and better connected
Objective 20:
Western Sydney Airport and Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis are economic catalysts for Western Parkland City
Objective 21:
Internationally competitive health, education, research and innovation precincts
Objective 22:
Investment and business activity in centres
Objective 23:
Industrial and urban services land is planned, retained and managed
Objective 24:
Economic sectors are targeted for success

A city in its landscapeValuing green spaces and landscape

Potential indicators*:Increased urban tree canopy
Objective 25:
The coast and waterways are protected and healthier
Objective 26:
A cool and green parkland city in the South Creek corridor
Objective 27:
Biodiversity is protected, urban bushland and remnant vegetation is enhanced
Objective 28:
Scenic and cultural landscapes are protected
Objective 29:
Environmental, social and economic values in rural areas are protected and enhanced
Objective 30:
Urban tree canopy cover is increased
Objective 31:
Public open space is accessible, protected and enhanced
Objective 32:
The Green Grid links parks, open spaces, bushland and walking and cycling paths

An efficient cityUsing resources wisely

Potential indicators*:Reduced transport related greenhouse gas emissions
Objective 33:
A low-carbon city contributes to net-zero emissions by 2050 and mitigates climate change
Objective 34:
Energy and water flows are captured, used and re-used
Objective 35:
More waste is re-used and recycled to support the development of a circular economy

A resilient cityAdapting to a changing world

Potential indicators*:Number of councils with standardised statewide natural hazard information
Objective 36:
People and places adapt to climate change and future shocks and stresses
Objective 37:
Exposure to natural and urban hazards is reduced
Objective 38:
Heatwaves and extreme heat are managed


Objective 39
A collaborative approach to city planning
Objective 40
Plans refined by monitoring and reporting