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The Green Grid links parks, open spaces, bushland and walking and cycling paths

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Objective 32

The Greater Sydney Green Grid connects communities to the landscape. It is a long-term vision for a network of high quality green areas - from regional parks to local parks and playgrounds - that connect centres, public transport and public spaces to green infrastructure and landscape features. Within the public realm it includes enhanced waterway corridors, transport routes, suburban streets, footpaths and cycleways.

The Greater Sydney Green Grid offers a network of green spaces that is far greater than the sum of its parts. It will keep the region cool, encourage healthy lifestyles, support walking and cycling, provide better access to open spaces, enhance bushland and support ecological resilience. Planning and delivery of the green grid will be influenced by the ways people move through places and the multiple roles of green grid corridors.

The delivery of the Greater Sydney Green Grid will build on past investments in the Regional Tracks and Trails Framework. Transport for NSW is establishing the Principal Bicycle Network which will provide high quality priority cycling routes across Greater Sydney. Opportunities to integrate the Principal Bicycle Network with the Greater Sydney Green Grid will be an important part of linking centres.

The Greater Sydney Green Grid will be delivered incrementally over decades, as opportunities and connections are refined and funded. Councils and the NSW Government will continue to use a range of land use planning tools, funding programs such as the Metropolitan Greenspace Program and transport initiatives to deliver the Greater Sydney Green Grid.

In the Western Parkland City the green grid will be integral to the creation of cool and green neighbourhoods and a continuous parkland corridor along South Creek that is an attractive place for recreation, retains water in the landscape and helps manage stormwater and flooding. The Western Parkland City's green grid will connect to Western Sydney Parklands, areas of high environmental value and waterways in the nearby Metropolitan Rural Area, providing more viable areas of habitat and links to scenic rural landscapes. The Greater Sydney Green Grid will also provide walking and cycling access within, and to and from, the Western Parkland City.

In the Central River City the green grid will leverage existing open spaces along the Parramatta River, Duck River, Georges River and Prospect Reservoir. It will use urban renewal initiatives as opportunities to enhance and extend connections into growing communities. Connections to Western Sydney Parklands will link the Central City to the Western City, and connections along waterways flowing to the east will link the Central City to the Eastern City.

Open space along the foreshores of beaches, harbours and bays of the Eastern Harbour City form the backbone of its green grid. The popular walking tracks along the coast and Sydney Harbour will be enhanced and complemented by improved connections through tree-lined streets and established urban parks, towards open space along coastal waterways, such as the Northern Beaches coastal lagoons, Cooks River and Georges River.

Figure 54 shows the priority corridors and opportunities, as well as existing tracks and trails across Greater Sydney to form the long-term vision for the Greater Sydney Green Grid. District plans will provide more details on the Greater Sydney Green Grid.

Figure 54: Green Grid vision and opportunities

Figure 54: Map showing Green Grid vision and opportunities.
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Strategy 32.1

Progressively refine the detailed design and delivery of:

  • Greater Sydney Green Grid priority corridors
  • opportunities for connections that form the longterm vision of the network
  • walking and cycling links for transport as well as leisure and recreational trips.