Women's Safety Charter

Safer places for women, girls and everyone

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The Women's Safety Charter brings organisations together to create safer places for women, girls and everyone in the multi-city region.

Research shows that women, girls and gender diverse people are more likely to experience unsafe situations and feel unwelcome or uncomfortable in public places, with these spaces often not designed with them or their safety in mind. This affects equal freedom of movement and access to opportunities in our cities.

The Charter supports businesses, government agencies, local councils, peak groups and not-for-profit organisations to take collective action to make our cities safer, more welcoming and inclusive for all women and girls.

Our passionate network of participant organisations lead and advocate for women’s safety initiatives that influence the design of places, the development of policy and practices, and the planning and delivery of services.

By working together to build safer cities for women and girls, we can build safer cities for everyone.


Foundation partners

The Charter is facilitated by the Commission with support from its foundation partners, Transport for NSW and the Committee for Sydney.

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Find out more

View the Women's Safety Charter Guide (PDF, 1.62 MB) for more information.

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