We invest in research to help identify emerging opportunities and risks across the Six Cities Region.

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Our research aims to provide new insights and evidence on how we can make our region more liveable, sustainable and productive. Achieving this will allow people and the natural environment to thrive together.

We work closely with other parts of government, industry, local communities and research partners. Together, we deliver outcomes to transform planning and development across the multi-city region. A transdisciplinary approach to research allows us to look at the big questions and challenges across the whole system.

View our strategy statement, role, approach and those we partner with throughout the process.

Priority research areas

An Aboriginal man and woman collaborate at a computer.

Our research program will identify how we can acknowledge, respect, embed and leverage First Nations peoples’ knowledge into our Region and City Plans, policy making and innovation districts.

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Our region offers new opportunities for enhanced connectivity through multi-modal forms of transport, including fast rail, three international airports and three deep water ports.

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Working closely with our government partners in housing, our research program will inform the planning for future homes from a supply, affordability and diversity perspective.

A pedestrian walks past a cyclist on a bridge, with a First Nations urban art mural in the background.

Our research will inform planning for culturally relevant place-making and consider proximity and access to transport and local services.

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This research will improve our understanding of the strengths of our cities and how best to leverage comparative advantage.

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This research will improve our understanding of the strengths of our cities and how best to leverage comparative advantage for the ecological, social and economic benefit of our communities and industries.

Innovation districts

An ecosystem of innovation districts is more than a network of groups of buildings, they create places for collaboration and invention. Industries, sectors and education institutions can connect to bridge the local, national and international. They are easy-access hubs for jobs, education and development opportunities.

Find out more about our research into innovation districts (PDF, 1.93MB)

Explore the full strategy

The complete strategy, including our research priorities, approach, partners and information on our Innovation Districts, is available below.

Background material

Our background reports provide the data and evidence to inform the preparation of Region and City Plans.

The Greater Cities Commission works with stakeholders from industry and state and local government to inform our research and evidence gathering. Producing a well-researched evidence base underpins the development of our strategic plans and the way we monitor and update them in accordance with our statutory obligations.