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Collaboration Areas

Collaboration Areas

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P&P document coverDownload Partnerships and Place
- Insights from Collaboration
Areas 2017-19 (PDF, 8 MB)

Creating great places through collaboration

The Greater Sydney Commission recognises that no single agency or layer of government can deliver great places alone. We developed the Collaboration Areas program as a new approach to address complex city-making issues through better co-ordination and collaboration.

Collaboration Areas are identified as the first action in the Greater Sydney Region Plan. Places were identified due to their metropolitan significance and potential to grow into centres of increased productivity and innovation.

Insights gained from the Collaboration Area Program informed four key themes that underpin our process and approach - promoting shared ownership, maintaining an outcomes focus, creating strong foundations and perseverance.

For more information about our process and insights from the program see Partnerships and Place - Insights from Collaboration Areas 2017-2019 (PDF, 8MB).

Who is involved in the Collaboration Areas?

The program brings together local councils, NSW and Australian Government agencies as well as key local institutions and organisations to contribute their respective insights about each Collaboration Area and work together to implement change. This collective approach has provided a framework for resolving issues that may prevent a place realising its full potential. Some issues considered include the need to align growth with infrastructure, making the most of existing assets and establishing an ongoing governance structure to oversee implementation.

What are the outcomes of the Collaboration Area process?

In each Collaboration Area, a Place Strategy has been jointly created by the program's partners over a 12-month period. The Place Strategy identifies impediments and opportunities and sets out a shared 20-year vision and the priorities and actions to guide the delivery of that vision.

The Place Strategies are reported to the Greater Sydney Commission's Infrastructure Delivery Committee for endorsement and then the Commission's Board, for approval. The Place Strategies will be included in future updates of the District Plans and will be implemented collaboratively by councils, state agencies, universities and other stakeholders.

Where are the Collaboration Areas?