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Greater Sydney's great places video transcript

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  • Woman in Wentworth Point
  • Woman in Rouse Hill Town Centre
  • Man in Surry Hills
  • Man in Rouse Hill Town Centre
  • Woman in Rouse Hill Town Centre
  • Woman in Carnes Hill
  • Man in Chatswood
  • Man in Campsie
  • Man in Surry Hills

[Beginning of recorded material]

Woman in Wentworth Point: I guess because I'm more of a millennium generation, so for me practicality, the vibe, being able to get on the train within ten minutes walk, being able to get a coffee or access to shopping centers, getting everyday groceries or having a community centre like this - or potentially being having a library very close to Wentworth Point, giving that whole spectrum of needs for someone like me - but for families you know there's a park, green space, access to all above-mentioned facilities can make a suburb great.

Woman in Rouse Hill Town Centre: I think what makes here really good - there's a lot of choices so like for shopping and then we can go to the movies, go to restaurants and it's somewhere good that I can meet all my friends as well. And I like how it's outside as well, you can sit outside or sit inside - has a lot of variety and choices.

Man in Surry Hills: Surry Hills is really great at working with what they've got - like we're all on top of each other so we we try our best to get on and and have the most fun we can and do the best we can with the space we have.

Man in Rouse Hill Town Centre: Well there's coffee shop there with the child children's playground there that's been there since Johnny was a six-year-old, he's now a 19. And we've had three generations go through there so it's pretty good, really good.

Woman in Rouse Hill Town Centre: There's something for everyone oh you know all age groups here which is good, so you know you're not buying into an area where you've got just one a lot of type of people it's just all sorts of people and that makes a great community.

Woman in Carnes Hill: I like the community in Carnes Hill because I get to go to the gym which is nearby I also get to take my daughter on walks around the area and I feel safe. I go to the cafe and I also go to the local shops. 

Man in Chatswood: The library itself is fantastic - it's you know very spacious and good selection of books and I you know every time I'm in there's it's lots of people in there, lots of students studying and people borrowing. Yeah so I think it's a really good community facility.

Man in Campsie: Campsie really good. Still here, really good people, clean, very nice everything people good - Chinese, Lebanese all makes really nice.

Man in Surry Hills: Great food for lunch. I always get great coffee. There's a sort of a bit of a community atmosphere. Kind of you don't know people but you feel like you might. Yeah it's a nice it's a nice place to hang around.