Six Cities Region Discussion Paper engagement

The Six Cities Region Discussion Paper was released on 8 September 2022 to stimulate conversation about the best way to plan a Six Cities Region that benefits our people and captures our global economic opportunities, as we develop the Region Plan.

What we heard 

Between August and December 2022, we undertook a comprehensive consultation and engagement process for the Six Cities Region Discussion Paper. The Six Cities Region Discussion Paper shared the Commission’s initial ideas and the vision for developing Australia’s first global multi-city region. 

The What We Heard Report collates feedback from our engagement work on the Six Cities Region Discussion Paper. Our consultation included briefings and workshops with 43 councils, stakeholder round table discussions and yarns with First Nations groups, as well 3,570 responses to the ‘Have Your Say’ online survey. The Report details the views, insights and feedback from the community, councils, and businesses, on the vision for Australia's first global multi-city region. 

The Six Cities Region Discussion Paper proposed six Region Shapers as a guide to the development of the Region and City Plans, outlining cultural, economic, environmental, social and lifestyle considerations. These Region Shapers also guided the feedback sessions we undertook with stakeholders and included: 

  • An embedded First Nations voice 
  • A connected Six Cities Region 
  • Housing supply, diversity and affordability 
  • Inclusive places linked to infrastructure 
  • Powering local jobs and economies 
  • Climate-resilient green cities. 

The Report shows that housing is the most pressing concern, with almost one third (30%) of respondents highlighting housing supply, diversity, and affordability as the most crucial issue for cities. Close to 28% of respondents also identified ‘green and climate-resilient cities’ as a priority for the Six Cities Region.   

Next steps 

We are reviewing the feedback put forward during the Six Cities Region Discussion Paper consultation and engagement process in the preparation of the Region and City Plans, which will be shared publicly in 2024. We will ensure the community is provided with opportunities to provide feedback, in line with the requirements of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act. 

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The Discussion Paper started conversations with our many stakeholders: First Nations peoples, community members, local councils and industry, state government departments and agencies, and cities experts.

Six Cities Region Discussion Paper engagement

Since August 2022, the Commission has conducted meetings and briefings with each of the 43 councils within the Six Cities Region, conducted First Nations engagement across all six cities, hosted stakeholder webinars and participated in dozens of briefings hosted by community and industry groups.

The Commission undertook online community consultation about the Discussion Paper, which was available on the NSW Government’s Have Your Say website and promoted by the Commission.

Stakeholders and community members were invited to join the conversation and share ideas on how we can deliver a world-class region of better jobs, housing, education and leisure that is productive, sustainable and liveable for everyone.  

Between 8 September and 30 October 2022, this online consultation was visited 14,500 times, and over 3,000 surveys were completed.


On 26 October 2022, the Commission held a webinar to provide an overview on the discussion paper.

The webinar was hosted by Former Executive Director Region Plan, Jenny Rudolph and Executive Director City Plans, Lee Mulvey and discussed the region shapers and the Commission’s plan to progress the actions.