We are now in the era of the global city region. Since the Commission’s Greater Sydney Region Plan, titled, A Metropolis of Three Cities, was published in 2018, it has become even more important in the post-pandemic era that our cities support social equity, environmental resilience and economic growth, all at the same time. Where people can access the infrastructure and services they need. Creating a region of six cities means that together we can shape a new model for post-pandemic resilience. We can create a globally competitive city region that has the scale to provide better jobs, more housing, better links to education, better links to health and lifestyle opportunities for all of our citizens. And really face the world with more confidence. We can in fact be one of the top 10 city regions in the world and certainly one of the most significant in the Indo-Pacific region. But at the same time we don't have to give up our localness. We don't have to give up our sense of community. We can actually have it all. We are proposing to exist within 15 minute neighbourhoods, 30-minutes cities and a region that really speaks to the whole world. The Six Cities Region is a network of connected cities that lift each other up while celebrating and leveraging each city's unique character and strengths. Our region is home to the world's oldest living continuous culture. First Nations people from many nations have nurtured and protected these lands as their custodians for more than 65,000 years. There is so much we can learn from the First Peoples of these lands in shaping the future of the region, and it is time for the wisdom and aspirations of First Nations people to be embedded in planning for our future. Particularly, this is so at this moment in our nation's history, as we look to develop a constitutional voice in our nation's birth certificate, as the Prime Minister says, our Constitution. Our vision is for a connected region of six cities where we can move people and goods across the region in 90 minutes. That's from north to south, from Newcastle to the Illawarra and from the east to the great Western Parkland City. And everybody in the region is digitally and globally connected in a nanosecond. In each city, great jobs are easily accessed within 30 minutes by public transport from great homes. We enjoy a greater range of lifestyle choices connected to economic opportunity, and people live in vibrant local centres and neighbourhoods where all our daily needs are met within a 15 minute catchment. Housing is so important. Housing is more affordable and diverse and there is a greater supply of homes that are sustainable, efficient and adaptable and that meet people's changing needs over time. Connected with housing, physical and social infrastructure is aligned with growth so that local centres and neighbourhoods are complete, connected and accessible. Our economic assets are leveraged to capture our potential as an Indo-Pacific economic powerhouse and an ecosystem of innovation districts to go with our Tech Central, Westmead and Aerotropolis existing districts has supercharged knowledge jobs across the region. Our region is recognised for its global climate leadership and net zero is embedded in our housing, transport and infrastructure. In creating the Six Cities Region, we wanted to be bold in tackling the defining issues of our time, issues like climate change, social inequality and housing affordability. And now we want to hear from you. The Commission will be connecting online and in person with the people who call the Six Cities Region home. Our Region Plan and City Plans will reflect the good thinking and work that has come before and the aspirations the community has for the city region. We welcome your input on how we can bring together the six cities to build the scale, scope and potential for a world class region.