The Six Cities Region is the largest and most productive urban region in Australia. It powers three million jobs and six million people already live here. Within the next two decades, the region will be home to well over eight million people. By becoming world-class experts and innovators in a range of industries, and building on each city’s unique advantages, people will also have access to better jobs, more local jobs and more equitable learning opportunities. Right now, people do not have equal access to jobs and education across the region. But to truly be competitive on the global stage, we got to fix that. We need to build the knowledge and capability of our people across the Six Cities Region. One of the ways we will diversify our economy and attract talent is by working with partners to develop a network of globally significant innovation districts right across the Six Cities Region. These districts are places where knowledge, learning, research, business, investment and entrepreneurship all collide, where people come together to exchange ideas and create ground breaking products, technologies, services and solutions. The Six Cities Region will be an investment destination that grows the economy by attracting talent, creating future-proofed jobs and skills and increasing our exports. The region will be known as a great place to live, with capable, skilled people and collaborative, innovative places.