Great places that people love to live in are well connected and walkable and close to quality jobs, parks, childcare, schools, shops and services. It’s quick to get from A to B, it’s easy to live a healthy lifestyle and there’s a sense of social connection and belonging within the community. We call these vibrant communities 15-minute local centres and neighbourhoods because they are places where most people can meet their daily needs by taking a 15-minute walk or bike ride. These sit within 30 minute cities where people are no more than 30 minutes by public transport to strategic centres, jobs, education and services. Developing amenities and services alongside a greater supply of housing is critical to creating quality, equitable places in which people thrive and really feel part of a community. The Commission's next Region Plan will have an emphasis on delivering infrastructure such as arts and culture, essential services, childcare, cycling pathways, waterways and open spaces. Town centres and main streets play an important role in community life. A diverse mix of shops, businesses and housing creates a vibrant culture, inclusive community and a sense of safety. Centres with existing and planned infrastructure projects are the best places for additional housing because access to amenities and active transport improves people's quality of life. We can improve people's wellbeing by making active transport and public transport the preferred choice. This means building our cities in a way that makes it safe, easy and enjoyable to walk, cycle and use wheelchairs and mobility aids to get around. In the future, people in the Six Cities Region will be living in inclusive and vibrant 15-minute local centres and neighbourhoods. Everyone will have access to great jobs 30 minutes by public transport from their home.