Our people

Meet the people driving Australia’s first global city region - the Six Cities Region in NSW.

Staff and Leadership gather on the Central Coast

We’re driving the Six Cities Region in NSW to deliver the benefits of global economic scale and local liveability for everyone who lives here.

Meet the people working towards making this global city region a reality.


Portrait of Deb Dearing. She smiles into the camera.

A/ Chief Commissioner

Eastern Harbour City Commissioner

Picture of Chris Hanger, smiling into the camera.

Chief Executive Officer


Image of Natalie Walker, looking into the camera.

Social Commissioner

Image of Meg McDonald. She smiles into the camera.

Environment Commissioner

Image of John Lydon, smiling into the camera.

Economic Commissioner

Image of Matt Endacott. He wears a suit with a red tie and looks into the camera.

Lower Hunter and Greater Newcastle City Commissioner

Image of Robyn Parker, smiling warmly into the camera.

Central Coast City Commissioner

Image of Jacki Johnson, smiling into the camera.

Illawarra-Shoalhaven City Commissioner

Image of Peter Poulet, smiling into the camera.

Central River City Commissioner

Image of Billie Sankovic, smiling into the camera.

Western Parkland City Commissioner

Our executive team

  • Chris Hanger, Chief Executive Officer
  • Petra Andrén, Head of Innovation Districts
  • Stephanie Barker, Head of Strategic Planning
  • Lee Mulvey, A/Executive Director Region Plan
  • Luke Musgrave, A/Executive Director City Plans
  • Lyndal Hayward, A/Executive Director Thought Leadership and Engagement
  • Steve Thomson, A/Executive Director People and Corporate Services

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