Lobbyists and Business Contacts meeting requests

Since our establishment in January 2016, a critical element of our ongoing work at the Greater Sydney Commission has been collaboration and engagement with the wider community to plan for a more productive, liveable and sustainable Greater Sydney. We will continue our conversations and engagement with stakeholders as we move into our next phase as the Greater Cities Commission.

If you are a lobbyist or business contact (including peak industry group, individual company, or a representative of a community or not-for-profit group) and would like to request a meeting with a representative of the Commission, please complete the relevant form below. If you require more information you can call us on 02 8289 6200 or email us at meetingrequests@gcc.nsw.gov.au.

If you are a community member, please call us on 02 8289 6200 or email us at meetingrequests@gcc.nsw.gov.au to request a meeting.

Request a meeting

The Greater Cities Commission is guided by its policy on Engaging with Lobbyists and Business Contacts (PDF, 218.1 KB). This policy supports the key principles and requirements of the Lobbying of Government Officials Act 2011 and Premier's Memorandum M2014-13 NSW Lobbyists Code of Conduct that govern interactions between NSW Government Officials and lobbyists.

If you would like to request a meeting with the Commission, then please complete and sign the Third-Party Lobbyist Meeting Request Form (DOC, 88.67 KB) or the Other Lobbyist (Business Contact) Meeting Request Form (DOC, 86.67 KB) and return it via email to meetingrequests@gcc.nsw.gov.au at least 7 working days in advance of the meeting date. A meeting date and time will be arranged by the Commission.

Meetings with the Commission should generally be to provide information to the Commission on issues relevant to strategic planning in the six cities region.

Please note that the Commission does not have a role with regard to site specific developments requiring decisions or planning proposals. If your query is in relation to such matters then you should contact the relevant local council or Department of Planning and Environment.

If a meeting occurs then it will generally be attended by a representative of the Commission and a probity officer. If a meeting with a registered third-party lobbyist occurs then it will be attended by at least two Commission representatives and a probity officer.

Third-Party Lobbyist Contacts

Third-party lobbyists are required to be registered on the NSW Electoral Commission's register of Third-Party Lobbyists.

In accordance with the Engaging with Lobbyists and Business Contacts Policy 2022 (PDF, 218.1 KB), the Commission will make a record of contact with Third-Party Lobbyists, information from which is published on the Registered Lobbyists Contact Register December 2022 (PDF, 231.83 KB) on the Commission's website.

If you are a lobbyist who is seeking to meet with the Commission on behalf of a third party and you are not registered on the NSW Electoral Commission's register of Third-Party Lobbyists then the Commission will decline your meeting request.

Other Lobbyists and Business Contacts

An Other Lobbyist or Business Contact includes any person or organisation that communicates with the Commission about any development matter, but who is not a Third-Party Lobbyist.

For the purposes of any communication with the Commission, development matters include any subject relating to strategic planning, the Region Plan, District Plans, Precincts and Collaboration Areas.

All contact with Other Lobbyists and Business Contacts are recorded on a Meeting Record Form.

If you have any queries regarding meeting requests, please contact the Commission at meetingrequests@gcc.nsw.gov.au.